Fast Track to Self-Confidence

To create MAGIC and FLOW in your life

Leave your fears behind and jump on this train to self-confidence and infinite growth!

Do you feel stuck or is your life nothing but daily routine?

Do you miss the energy and inspiration to take a new step?

Do you have a nagging little voice in your head saying that somehow 'your life is not really working'? Or feel like you are not good enough at your job, as a mother, as a father or a partner?

The Fast-Track-to-Self-Confidence will teach you how to deal with your inner blocks and will give you a new inspiration to create the life you want and to make the magic happen.

Your inner self knows what is going on!

Self-confidence starts with knowledge. You can track down your inner limiting beliefs and emotional blocks. You can learn how to release those. This will clear the way to see your true talents, to 'feel' what choices you want to make and to act naturally on your inspiration.

Are you ready to boost your confidence?

Then it is time for you to hop on this train called 'Fast Track to Self-Confidence'.

The process

Fast Track to Self-Confidence




This eight step program is intense and very effective, because I use a combination of coaching, energy work and healing to bring you a lasting transformation.

There are two ways you can work with the 'Fast Track to Self-Confidence'. You can apply for a free consult to find out if this is for you and to 'feel' if I am the right person to guide you. Apply for a free consult here.


1. Fast Track Online Coaching Program. 

In 10 online coaching and healing sessions I will guide you through the 8 steps, to release your energy blocks and activate your inner wisdom. This includes one intake consult and one extra session at the end, to plan concrete actions and take real steps in your life. It will leave you refreshed and inspired to create the life you really want.


2. Inner Power Retreat.

For four days or one week you will stay in our romantic cottage on the beautiful Canary Island La Palma.

The program involves all 8 steps of the Fast Track to Self Confidence and includes a diversity of techniques (like Mindfulness, meditations and creative visualizations). You will go home inspired and deeply transformed with a clear vision on the next action you want to take in your life. 

Apply for a free consult here


About you


You are ready to start a new journey and transform your life. You are curious about the (hidden) patterns in your life, you are really in for some magic and you are ready to find your inner strength. 

You want to become more creative, intuitive and playful.

This program is people who want to be self-confident enough to manifest their wishes,  independent of other people's opinions; who want to keep growing every day from now on!

'When you fill yourself with your own energy, no one else can fill you with theirs'.  Jeffrey Allen




"Lorette works in a fantastic way! Her energies are phenomenal. I was flabbergasted by her work".

"Lorette felt so trustworthy that it was very easy for me to open up to her, and each session she proved me right."

"Lorette is a good listener and finds a nice way that suits you to make you go through an energetic and conscious mental process. She is encouraging and confirms your good work. I got a lot of tools to stay on track."

"For three months I had several physical ailments that kept me form working and enjoying life. After five sessions these were gone and did not return!"




La Palma is one of the Canary Islands of Spain in the Atlantic ocean. This 'Isla Bonita' is a volcanic island with beautiful mountains, green forests, lovely beaches and fantastic starry nights. Still unspoiled by tourism the atmosphere is calm and peaceful, a perfect place for reflection and new insights, in an always pleasant climate.