Energetic ànd down-to-earth coach

I love working with energy and intuition.

I also love being down-to-earth. You can expect hands-on coaching focused on setting clear goals and get practical tools. Combined with deep listening.


As a child I was very sensitive and shy, always asking awkward questions like: why does our neighbour say he's happy when he looks really angry? Nobody would recognize my observations, so I could only think there was something very wrong with me. At school I was kind of invisible, never being chosen to play in a team. So obviously I was 'not good enough'.

Mind and energy

When I was fifteen I tried to man up and decided to stop feeling inferior to others. But, that was a mental decision.

I went to university and had good jobs as a projectmanager and trainer. But deep down I was still afraid that people eventually would find out I was different and incapable.

So I went soulsearching and tried a lot of different methods; I went to a psychologist, I had a coach at work, I followed courses in intuitive development and even went to a spiritual academy to find out more about energies we cannot see, like the aura and healing energies.

Not good enough

I managed to find some of my limiting beliefs like 'I am not worth it', but the fear underneath would not go. 

I did a two year Life Coaching training and started my own business. In my work as a life coach I discovered that just mentally analyzing the client's problem did not deliver half the result as when combined with energetic exercises. Knowing what your pain is, is only the first step, but locating that pain in your body and releasing it makes a long lasting difference. 

Intrigued by this concept, I decided to dive deeper into energy work. Finally I could 'clean my energy' and replace the fear with confidence and light.

Miracles happen when you release energy blocks

I am working with energy every day and in my own life I can see miracles happen. I am grateful that I can make people look at them selves without judgement and make them create their own miracles.

More things about me

  • I am a painter in acrylics: www.kos-art.com
  • I love travelling: I lived in Lyon, France for a year as an au-pair, I went backpacking through Europe, Turkey and Egypt and studied Health Promotion in Jerusalem, in winter I used to take a plane to the Caribbean for I hate the cold, and four years ago I went to Tibet to learn more about Buddhism
  • I wrote a novel (in dutch) about two people going on a soulsearching trip: ' Dansen op pilaren'
  • Despite my energy work I can still have a bad mood every once in a while 😉
  • I like sports and (try to) work out regularly, take long hikes with friends and dogs into the beautiful mountains
  • Until 40 I had trouble keeping relationships for more than 4 years, because of my sensitive nature and lack of personal boundaries, I got married only at the age of 49
  • I like adventure, did some skydiving, wild-water canoeing and love roller coasters
  • My husband and I have a dog called Bobby and he looks exactly like Rintintin's little white dog

My education

  • Health Sciences at University Maastricht (4 years)
  • Public Health at the international School of Public Health, Jerusalem (1 year)
  • Life Coach at Sonnevelt Institute, Zaltbommel (2 years)
  • Intuitive Development at the Centre for Life and Intuition, Utrecht (1 year)
  • Spiritualism and Trance Healing at the Arthur Findlay College, Stansted (3 weekprograms)
  • Jeffrey Allen, Duality (energy work, 4 months)
  • And other courses like Reiki, Communication skills, and paintingclasses
  • I have been teaching Mindfulness classes .

'You are not alone'

is the title of this painting. I made it inspired by the cosmos that supports you in all you want.

Universal energy

Under the surface of what we see there is a world of energy. Even science nowadays starts to discover the unseen particals within atoms (quantummechanics). You have your own energyfield, you live in one and the earth exists in the energetic field of the cosmos. And it is all connected.

You can learn how to sense your own energy, get rid of blocks and refuel yourself with positive energy and inspiration.


The same energy form the universe has healing qualities. I am educated in Reiki, Trance healing at the Arthur Findlay College in London and in Jeffrey Allens energy work. 

The main purpose of my healing sessions is to support your intentions for releasing energy blocks. In the process it can certainly bring pain relief or entirely heal a condition (that is mostly originated in emotional or mental blocks).